Additional Videos & Tips with Information on How to Fix “Flipping” Your Hands During the Golf Swing:

Fixing “flipping” or “cupping the wrist” is one of the most difficult things to fix in the golf swing. It’s important to understand why you might be flipping and how proper impact looks and feels. (I recommend a lesson with a local golf pro because as Hank Haney says, “without a proper diagnosis of the problem, it’s hard to fix.”)

Here is a great video on why you may be flipping the golf club and how you can fix it.

Here is a another great web page with a video discussing flipping during the swing and how to better understand it.


Here is a great video from a golf teacher talking about the importance of the trail elbow in the golf swing. If you can work on using your trail elbow properly it will help you to stop flipping your hands at impact.


Additional Instruction Tips

A great video showing how the Anti-Flip Stick® can help with your backswing and getting on plane.

This training aid isn’t a magic bullet. You will have to practice, but this training aid is so simple to use it makes practicing with it a breeze. Depending on how badly you flip your hands it can take months before you start to see consistent results. That being said, “DON’T GIVE UP”.

If you can try to practice 10 mins/ day (you don’t even have to hit golf balls) you will start to feel the proper way to turn your body during the swing and to get your hands ahead of the club head. Start with slow swings.