Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band

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Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band

This golf training aid is aimed at players who are tired of battling the “flipping" of their hands before impact during the golf swing resulting in a lack of consistency, distance & power. There are many reasons why you may be flipping during the golf swing, but the most common reason is that your body stops rotating during your downswing & your hands flip to get the ball in the air going at your target.

Watch the video below to see how the Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band can help your swing.

Learn How this Training Aid can benefit your golf game

[INSTANT FEEDBACK] Get instant, immediate golf swing feedback while you hit golf balls, practice your golf swing, or even play a round of golf! If you hear a "snap" before the impact zone, it means your wrist broke down, your body stalled & you flipped your hands.

[SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE GOLF SWING TRAINING AID] This golf swing training aid is super easy to use and allows you know right away if your hands are flipping during impact. Plus, You can even wear it on your lead or trail wrist depending on your needs.

[GET THE FEEL OF A PROPER IMPACT POSITION] Our golf swing training aid will help you to train your hands & continue to rotate your body during your down swing. This will help you create a powerful impact position & the learn the proper feeling of a good impact position during your golf swing.

[STOP HITTING BIG HOOKS & SLICES] 2 pars in a row and then BAM! A big slice into the weeds. Now you have 2 pars and an 8. Goodbye Best Score Ever! By training your hands from flipping at impact during the golf swing, you will develop a repeatable, golf swing which will improve your consistency, distance, power, & lower your scores.

[10 MIN./ DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR GOLF GAME] Golf training aids aren't magic bullets. You have to practice daily to retrain your body to swing the right way. The Best part of the Anti-Flip Wrist Band is that's so easy to use either at home or on the range. BONUS ITEM: We've included a wrist sweat band to make those long training sessions more comfortable.

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The Anti-Flip Wrist Band will help you learn to keep your lead wrist flat, your trail wrist bent, & will help to learn to keep rotating your body. You can also wear the training aid on your trail wrist & by keeping it bent through impact you will improve your impact position. By wearing it on your trail hand it forces you to use your body & rotate through the golf swing.

Compared to other golf training wristbands, the Anti-Flip Wrist Band comes with a 12" wristband which will fit any wrist size. The training aid should fit snugly on your wrist so you will hear the click sound if you flip your hands. It won't stop your wrist from breaking down before impact, but it will let you know that you did so you can practice keeping your lead wrist flat or your trail hand bent during your golf swing.

Super simple to use; If you hear a "snap" before impact it means you are breaking down or flipping your hands during your golf swing. Some benefits of this golf training aid include; instant feedback, you can use it on either hand, you can hit golf balls, gain consistency during your golf swing, use it for chipping or your full swing.

*The cost of Shipping is $5.00 to anywhere in the U.S. The Product will be shipped via USPS First Class Mail and should arrive in 3 - 4 days anywhere in the U.S.

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