Learn How to Properly Take the Club Back in Your Golf Swing

Many times the issues you guys deal with later in your swing or the things you want to fix are actually caused because your takeaway is off. We need to look at what you are doing in the initial set up or in the takeaway that might be leading to problems later on. If you can clean up your takeaway, setup and grip, I’m telling you like 75% of your issues are probably going to be fixed. The issue I see most often with the takeaway is the disconnected look where the hands will go away from the body, excessive forearm rotation and the club gets inside. These are two drills I use with students – one with a tee and one with an alignment rod – to fix takeaways. If you have a takeaway that’s off and understand why it’s happening and do one or both of these drills, you’ll be able to fix it pretty quickly.