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Why You Flip The Golf Club And How To Fix It So what is a flip?

It’s when the clubhead gets past your hands or handle location relatively quickly. Now depending upon whom you talk to, that might mean that the club head gets ahead of your hands before impact or it might mean that club head gets ahead of your hands just past impact.

For me, a flip means club head is passing your hands, shaft leaning backwards at or immediately passed impact. A flip creates numerous issues. It’s difficult to hit the ball solid, hit the ball far and control the direction. Let’s talk about why you get the flip. So I see a lot of people working a lot of drills. They’re spending a lot of time trying to get a “look” of the handle being ahead of the hands. The problem is, you have some root cause issues that are never going to allow that to happen. Before we get into drills to fix a flip, you must understand that there are two root causes for a flip. It you don’t address those first, no drill will fix your flip. If you have a flip, I would bet it’s because you have a club face issue or you have a swing direction issue. If you do not fix those two things first, these drills

I’m going to show you or any other drills you look at probably are not going to work. You have to fix your club face first. You have to fix your swing direction. That to me is non-negotiable.

How do we fix a flip?

If I don’t want to have the clubhead passing my hands, there are two main things that need to happen. First, my handle location needs to remain more forward, then the location of my clubhead. So, if I want to start fixing those things, I can basically take two courses of action. I could do it with my body and hands or I can do with just arms the hands. Those are my options. If I was going to fix a flip with my body, I put an alignment rod on the side of the shaft. With the stick on the shaft, if the club head passes my hands early, this rod starts to hit my body before I even get to impact. What’s the goal here? The goal here would be to hit shots, and not have this stick run into my body.

My handle needs to be forward (roughly over my left leg) and my body needs to be open. Never do full swings with this just short, slow, little half swings. You can also do the same drill with Anti-Flip Stick® Golf Training Aid https://amzn.to/38sXEBo on the end of the club. If you don’t want to go to the rotation route, then you need to go arms and hands route. Again, this is after fixing the club face and the path. To use my arms and hands to get rid of a flip I would add more lead wrist flexion or bow, and more trail wrist extension. I would exaggerate the heck out of that and I’d hit short little shots trying to maintain that forever.

Now, for a lot of you just that’s not going to do it. You also need to add supination or forearm rotation. If you can’t rotate a lot, then you have to have hand action. So the main points here: -Almost everyone that has a flip either has a clubface that is too open OR has a path/angle of attack issue. -You MUST FIX THOSE TWO ISSUES FIRST. None of the rest of this video matters until you’ve addressed root cause. -Once you get past that, you need to choose whether you I want to get your handle forward through pivot body rotation or go the arms and hands route.