The Anti-Flip Stick® golf training aid is aimed at players who are battling the “flipping motion” / “casting motion” at impact. The Anti-Flip Stick® will help you learn to keep your body turning during the golf swing.
A proper takeaway is so important. If you have a bad takeaway it could be the reason you are “breaking down” your wrist at impact. If you have the Anti-Flip Stick® slide down your left leg when taking the club back, it will help you get in the proper position.


  • START HITTING A DRAW Stop your hands from “flipping” or “breaking down” at impact and develop a repeatable, ball-first, solid impact which will improve your consistency & lower your scores
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK Get instant, immediate swing feedback while you practice your golf swing. If it hits your side during your swing it means your wrist broke down and your right side didn’t get through the ball.
  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE Golf Training Aid  Work on all aspects of your golf swing with this one training aid – proper takeaway, wrist hinge, correct swing plane, solid impact, correct set up, & proper body turn.
  • PROPER IMPACT WILL GET YOU MORE YARDS Will help you train your hands to hit down on the ball and square the club face for a more powerful impact position. Improve your muscle memory and gain more yards off the tee.
  • 10 MIN./ DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR GOLF GAME Understand Proper Swing Plane – Get rid of the “over the top swing” that produces high slices or a “snap hooks”. This practice method has been endorsed by the best PGA Teachers such as Martin Hall, Hank Haney & More!