The Anti-Flip Stick® Anti-Flip WristBand Golf Training Aid

A Simple Golf Training Aid that Can Help You Get a Better Impact Posistion

Any of These Sound Familiar?

  • I’m Sick of Playing Inconsistant Golf?

  • Having Blow-up Holes Ruining My Score?

  • One Shot I’m Hitting it Way Right, Then I Hit My Next Shot Way Left!

  • I’m Spending Too Much Money on Complicated Golf Training Aids That Are Difficult to Use?

The Anti-Flip Stick® Anti-Flip WristBand Golf Training Aid

“The anti-flip wristband is the easiest way for my students to understand, feel, hear and ultimately control their wrists during their golf swing.

As a PGA coach for over three decades and owner of my own training aid company, this is the simplest and most cost effective devices that they can own to maximize their hand and wrist actions while hitting balls. I highly recommend golfers of any skill levels give it a try!”

Mark Csencsits, PGA

Head Teaching Professional

Bethlehem Golf Club, The SweetSpot & Mulvihill Golf Facility

Coach / Founder Fatt Matt Golf / Inventor / Innovator

2014-2018 Best Golf Pro to Help You Work on Your Game

2016-2017 Top 50 National Growth of the Game Teaching Professional

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Mark Csencsits, PGA, Fatt Matt Golf

Benefits to Using the Anti-Flip WristBand

  • INSTANT FEEDBACK: Get instant, immediate golf swing feedback while you hit golf balls, practice your golf swing, or even play a round of golf! If you hear a “snap” before the impact zone, it means your wrist broke down, your body stalled & you flipped your hands.
  • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE GOLF SWING TRAINING AID: This golf swing training aid is super easy to use and allows you to know right away if your hands are flipping during impact. Plus, You can even wear it on your lead or trail wrist depending on your needs.
  • GET THE FEEL OF A PROPER IMPACT POSITION: Our golf swing training aid will help you to train your hands & continue to rotate your body during your downswing. This will help you create a powerful impact position & learn the proper feeling of a good impact position during your golf swing.
  • STOP HITTING BIG HOOKS & SLICES: 2 pars in a row and then BAM! A big slice into the weeds. Now you have 2 pars and an 8. Goodbye, Best Score Ever! By training your hands from flipping at impact during the golf swing, you will develop a repeatable, golf swing which will improve your consistency, distance, and power, & lower your scores.
  • 10 MIN./ DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR GOLF GAME: Golf training aids aren’t magic bullets. You have to practice daily to retrain your body to swing the right way. The Best part of the Anti-Flip WristBand is that’s so easy to use either at home or on the range.
Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band - Wrist Breaking Down on Chipping

Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band – Wrist Breaking Down on Chipping & hearing a loud click

Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band - Wrist not breaking down

Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band – Wrist not breaking down and not hearing any click

Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band - Full Swing no wrist breakdown

Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band – Full Swing no wrist breakdown

This golf training aid is aimed at players who are tired of battling the “flipping” of their hands before impact during the golf swing resulting in a lack of consistency, distance & power. There are many reasons why you may be flipping during the golf swing, but the most common reason is that your body stops rotating during your downswing & your hands flip to get the ball in the air going at your target.

The Anti-Flip Stick® WristBand will help you learn to keep your lead wrist flat, your trail wrist bent, & will help to learn to keep rotating your body. You can also wear the training aid on your trail wrist & by keeping it bent through impact you will improve your impact position. By wearing it on your trail hand it forces you to use your body & rotate through the golf swing.

Compared to other golf training wristbands, the Anti-Flip Stick® WristBand comes with a 12″ wristband which will fit any wrist size. The training aid should fit snugly on your wrist so you will hear the click sound if you flip your hands. It won’t stop your wrist from breaking down before impact, but it will let you know that you did so you can practice keeping your lead wrist flat or your trail hand bent during your golf swing.

Anti-Flip Stick® WristBand - 12" long

Super simple to use; If you hear a “snap” before impact it means you are breaking down or flipping your hands during your golf swing. Some benefits of this golf training aid include; instant feedback, you can use it on either hand, you can hit golf balls, gain consistency during your golf swing, use it for chipping or your full swing.


“A great training aid that will help you learn to keep your wrist from breaking down before hitting the ball. I like it because it gives a nice “snap” sound & immediate feedback so you can clearly know you messed up – lol. I like the fact you can wear it on either wrist too, depending on how you want to practice. I tried the drills that are in the video at the bottom of this page. Very helpful. Well worth it.”

Kris J.

“Great aid for chipping. Fits easily and makes a loud snap when my wrist breaks down. It’s helping me with my full swing too.”

Mike R.

“Does exactly what it describes it will do.”

Bob W.

How to use the Anti-Flip Stick® Anti-Flip WristBand to Improve Your Golf Swing

“If You Keep Doing what You’ve Been Doing You Will Keep Getting What You’ve Been Getting”Martin Hall

Are you tired of struggling with your golf swing. Tired of going out and hitting a hook with one shot and hitting a huge slice with the next. You are not alone. Over the past few years I’ve transformed my swing to allow me to hit the ball straighter and farther than I ever did when I was younger. Not only that, but I’m playing the best golf of my life.

It never gets old hearing your buddies say, “You play boring golf”. With golf traninig aids there is no “magic bullet”. It takes, time, committment and energy to get better. That being said, this is why I love the Anti-Flip Stick® Wrist Band. It’s so easy to use whether at home or on the course. Plus, it takes seconds to put on and start getting that instant feedback.