4 Swing Benefits to Using the Anti-Flip Stick®

6 Point Check List for Using the Ant-Flip Stick® (Face On)

How to use the Anti-Flip Stick®

How to use the Anti-Flip Stick® to help with your chipping

FAQ’s about the Anti-Flip Stick®

I highly recommend watching these 3 videos on flipping




Written Instructions for the Anti-Flip Stick®:

  1. Put the anti-flip stick® onto the butt-end of a short iron. 
  1. Take your setup and keep the extended portion of the rod under your lead arm, resting lightly on your side. 
  1. Without hitting a ball, take a few slow, short and deliberate practice swings while keeping the rod AWAY from your lead side in the through-swing, until you finish with your arms just above waist high. You should feel like you are hitting a “punch shot” under a tree branch. Your lead hand should feel like you are turning a door handle. This will ensure your clubface is square at impact. (You can use the video on the website or reference)

**It’s ok if the Anti-Flip Stick® touches your lead side as long as it’s after impact.

The goal is to keep the head of the golf club from flipping past your hands as you practice the punch shot.

Having a way to record your swing to see progress is highly recommended. Check out V1 Golf or swing profile. They are what I use. (No affiliation.)