The Anti-Flip Stick® Golf Training Aid

The Simplest, Most Effective Golf Training Aid You Will Ever Use

I’m Done With…

  • Playing inconsistant golf?

  • Losing Distance on Your Shots?

  • Hitting it Fat one Swing & Thin the Next?

  • Spending too much money on complicated golf training aids that are difficult to use?

Recent Testimonial from a PGA Professional

“This is one of my favorite training aides.  With my supervision during a lesson, it really helps me show the golfer where their shaft needs to be and how the body works.  And they can use it without supervision to continue their practice!”

Sherry Andonian

Valley Country Club
Mountain View Country Club
LPGA Class A Life Member
PGA Class A Member

Amazon Reviews

It’s literally the most self-explanatory training aid on the market. Absolutely love it. Fits in the bag. Light. Not sure why people think it’s difficult to slap on the butt end of the grip and go. Great product!!!

– Paul – Amazon Review

…”The thing that surprised me the most is how much it really helps with my takeaway and backswing. If you swing with the stick in alignment with the ball/target line it really helps you swing on plane correctly. Following the tips that you laid out in the video and getting in some reps, I feel way more comfortable in my backswing. I would swear that the improvement in takeaway and backswing is contributing more to better impact than even the rotation!”

– Customer Testimonial

“It’s not that impressive looking out of the box, but the Anti-Flip Stick is probably the best device I’ve ever used attempting to cure my lifelong flipping habit. Once attached to whatever club you wish (preferably a short iron at the beginning), the device trains you to keep turning your hips throughout the downswing, rather than stalling at or just before impact, which almost always results in a flip (clubhead passes the hands at impact).

You absolutely can’t make solid contact on a day-to-day basis unless the hands precede the shaft/clubhead at impact. The idea of the stick is to make sure the end of the stick (opposite the one sticking in the end of the club) doesn’t hit any part of your torso on the way through. Even if you think you don’t or won’t, you most likely will, because probably 90 percent of amateur golfers have the problem.”

2 Signs You May be Flipping (Club head past hands – no sound)

If you Want to Lower Your Scores the Anti-Flip Stick® might be for you!

I’ll take a moment to state the obvious, but GOLF IS MORE FUN WHEN YOU PLAY BETTER.

For less than the cost of one round of golf, you can improve your golf swing, lower your scores, hit the ball farther, and get more birdies!

    In 30 Seconds Find out 4 Ways the Anti-Flip Stick® can Help Your Golf Swing

    4 Ways the Anti-Flip Stick® Golf Impact Training Aid Can Improve Your Golf Swing | Helps with Setup to Impact

    Proper Swing Swing Plane

    Getting your golf club on the proper path is so vital to a good, constant, golf swing.

    By letting the Anti-Flip Stick slide down your lead leg when taking the club back it will automatically allow you to feel a proper swing path. Getting in a good position at the top of your golf swing can eliminate so many bad habits.

    A good swing plane will improve your shot consistency, accuracy, and distance. In short, it impacts just about every part of your golf swing from start to finish.

    Proper Impact Position

    Proper Impact position is crucial for delivering crisp and solid golf shots.

    Some golfers may not even know what a proper impact position feels like. With the Anti-Flip Stick you can start to feel what good impact feels like & start being more consistent off the tee and from the fairway.

    Proper Body Rotation – Stop Swaying

    “Turn, Don’t Slide.” The best advice I ever got from a golf pro. Proper hip rotation is an important part of your golf swing.

    The hips can help you generate more power, accuracy, and keep your clubface square. A failure to rotate your hips properly can result in inconsistent strikes. You must strive to continually rotate your hips throughout your swing and in order to do this, you can’t sway them and must turn.

    If your body stalls during the golf swing and you don’t properly turn your hips you will end up being very inconstant when hitting the golf ball which will cause you to hit it fat or thin.

    Because the Anti-Flip Stick will touch your side if you start flipping/casting your hands it will force you to make a full turn rotation and a good body turn.

    More Consistency & Distance

    By practicing swinging a golf club with the Ant-Flip Stick attached for just 10 min./day you will start to get your club on the proper swing plane and start hitting the golf ball with more consistency and more distance.

    Stop Scooping/Flipping & Start Adding Consistency & Distance

    When a golfer is “flipping” at the ball, it means they are prematurely releasing their wrists and flipping the clubhead through impact instead of maintaining proper control and extension. This improper technique can lead to several problems and challenges in their golf game, including:

    Inconsistent ball striking: Flipping disrupts the proper impact position, leading to inconsistent contact with the ball. This inconsistency can result in shots that are mishit, off-target, and lacking distance control.

    Lack of power: Flipping causes a loss of lag in the downswing, reducing the transfer of energy from the body to the clubhead. As a result, the golfer may struggle to generate sufficient power in their shots.

    Reduced distance: Flipping at the ball often leads to “scooping” impact, resulting in a higher launch angle and less ball compression. This lack of compression can lead to shots that don’t travel as far as they should.

    Poor trajectory control: A flip can cause the ball to launch too high, leading to difficulties in managing trajectory, especially in windy conditions. Shots may balloon and become challenging to control.

    Difficulty with short game: Flipping is not limited to full swings; it can also affect chipping and pitching. A lack of crisp contact and control can lead to inconsistent results around the greens.

    Trouble with longer clubs: Flipping is often more pronounced with longer clubs like the driver and fairway woods. Golfers may struggle to hit these clubs off the tee or from the fairway with accuracy and distance.

    Tendency to slice or hook: Flipping can introduce an inconsistent clubface angle at impact, leading to shots that curve more than intended. This could result in slices or hooks, making it challenging to play with accuracy.

    Mental frustration: Constantly dealing with poor shots due to flipping can lead to frustration and a lack of confidence in one’s golf game.

    Addressing the issue of flipping requires practice and potentially working with a golf instructor to develop proper mechanics and a more controlled release through impact. Developing a more solid and stable impact position can lead to better ball striking, increased distance, and improved consistency on the golf course. This is where the Anti-Flip Stick® can help you get better quicker.

    How to use the Anti-Flip Stick® Golf Training Aid to Improve Your Golf Swing

    The Anti-Flip Stick® Golf Training Aid

    The Anti-Flip Stick®: What is it and How Can It Help My Game?

    The Anti-Flip Stick® golf training aid that attaches to the grip of your golf club and is aimed at players who are battling the “flipping motion” / “casting motion” at impact. If you feel like you aren’t getting your body properly turning through the golf swing the Anti-Flip Stick® might be for you. Flipping before impact causes inconsistent ball striking, loss of distance, and power.

    The Anti-Flip Stick® will help you learn to take the golf club back on the proper swing plane and keep your body turning during the golf swing helping you reduce the flipping motion.

    The best thing about the Anti-Flip Stick® is that it will help you with all aspects of your golf swing from setup to impact. A proper takeaway is so important and that’s where this training aid can really help.

    If you have a bad takeaway it could be the reason you are “breaking down” your wrist at impact. If you have the Anti-Flip Stick® slide down your left leg when taking the club back, it will help you get in a proper position.

    Why Should You Buy the Anti-Flip Stick®?

    • Will help you with a proper takeaway
    • Will help you feel & improve your impact position
    • Will help you get a more vertical swing plane
    • Will add consistency into your golf game
    • Will help you get a proper body turn
    • Will help you create lag
    • You can improve your swing & lower your scores for less than the price of a round of golf

    Already Have an Anti-Flip Stick®?

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    Benefits of Using the Anti-Flip Stick®

    • INSTANT FEEDBACK Get instant, immediate swing feedback while you practice your golf swing. If it hits your side before the impact zone it probably means you didn’t turn your hips and are flipping your hands.
    • SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE Golf Training Aid In 1 min. you can have it attached to the end of your golf club and can start improving your golf game. Work on all aspects of your golf swing with this one training aid – proper takeaway, wrist hinge, correct swing plane, solid impact, correct setup, & proper body turn.
    • 10 MIN./ DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR GOLF GAME Understand Proper Swing Plane – Get rid of the “over the top swing” that produces high slices or a “snap hooks”. This practice method has been endorsed by the best PGA Teachers such as Martin Hall, Hank Haney & More!

    The Anti-Flip Stick® helps me make sure to turn my body through the swing & not flip

    People are Starting to Notice

    “If You Keep Doing what You’ve Been Doing You Will Keep Getting What You’ve Been Getting”Martin Hall

    Are you tired of struggling with your golf swing. Tired of going out and hitting a hook with one shot and hitting a huge slice with the next. You are not alone. Over the past few years I’ve transformed my swing to allow me to hit the ball straighter and farther than I ever did when I was younger. Not only that, but I’m playing the best golf of my life.

    It never gets old hearing your buddies say, “You play boring golf”. With golf traninig aids there is no “magic bullet”. It takes, time, committment and energy to get better. That being said, this is why I love the Anti-Flip Stick®. I put it on the end of my club, practice for 10 mins. each day and before I knew it my body was starting to swing the right way.

    How to use the Anti-Flip Stick® to Improve Your Golf Swing

    Amazon Reviews

    “…Yes, you can accomplish the same thing by holding an alignment stick when you grip your club, but this just makes it more functional. So you can take a short swing. We typically just use this or an alignment stick for drills. We dont try to do this for a full swing. We only hit a ball with this when we chip or short pitch. But this is a standard teaching drill used on Juniors for more than a decade.”

    “Bought this for my daughter. She was having trouble with flipping her hands through impact and not rotating on the downswing. This device addressed both issues and got her on track. Her swing looks much better!”

    “Showed me how bad my swing was. Caused me to turn my body more and use my hands/arms less.”

    “If your Golf Instructor has ever had you hold a thin stick with you club… then practice the swing ensuring you dont hit yourself with the stick… This just made the drills easier!!!”

    “Good for practicing chip and pitch shots taking out excess and faulty hand and wrist action (flipping)”

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    How the Anti-Flip Stick® can Help You Chip the Ball Better

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